Tony Shaw

Hi there, this is Tony Shaw of Go Vans. And no, Go Vans will not be endorsing Vans here.

Go Vans is all about automotive news. Being late to car knowledge, I got my first car, which is a secondhand one, at the age of twenty one. I got surprised with all of the things that I need to know and be aware of. I thought that as long as I know how to turn in the key and drive, that is it. However, when my first car stopped working for some reason, that is the moment of truth, the moment that I realized I can’t live in ignorance anymore. I started asking questions to the specialist that is working with my car, then did research almost all of the time. I also started out going to car events just for the sake of talking to other car experts. Subscribed to car magazines, it helped out a lot. Subscription to RSS of car manufacturers website is also a good thing. I spent most of my free time talking to other people in car forums also, asking and sometimes, answering question posted by new members, it was a good experience.

Joining car forums might be easy, but knowledge is not that easy to get, you have to scroll through thousand of questions to get what you need. That is why I decided to set up my own website, Go Vans. This website aims to provide automotive information that is not easy to get, information that you as a car owner need, but is hidden from you.

Other people who want to contribute are also welcome, you can send your submission to us so that we could see it published. Let us help out new car owners!

Thank you, hope your stay here will bring you knowledge.

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