Furniture Removal Company That Makes Redecorating a Cinch

two contractors loading furniture in to removal truck

Redecorating after several years, a few months, or even just when you’ve moved into a new place is often fun to plan and exciting to execute. Sampling color swatches and measuring for new furniture is all well and good but when it actually comes time to remove the old furniture so the new items can be arranged, you’re likely to run into some issues if you try to do it all on your own.

Make Your Plan and Measure Well

Loading Furniture removal truckBefore you decide to purchase any new furniture that may give you a need for a Perth furniture removal company to come and get your old items, make sure you measure and plan.

  1. Many furniture companies will deliver your new furniture but you’ll want to coordinate when the furniture removal will occur so that you aren’t sitting in an empty room for days to wait for the new items to arrive.
  2. Measure your old furniture as well as marking down the spaces where the new pieces will go. Although it’s not often required, the Perth furniture removal company that you choose may appreciate the information when you call for a pickup.
  3. Planning carefully for removal of the old furniture and arrival of the new items is also important because it stops the two professionals from clashing. You don’t want your new furniture to arrive at the same time the old furniture is being removed because the space they’re all moving through will get very crowded. It makes for some awkward maneuvering and possibly damaging crashes.

Clear the Way

Moving furniture through a house, office, or apartment can be a tricky situation. Clear the way for the professionals from your chosen Perth furniture removal company to ensure that there is no damage or scuffing on your walls and floors. Learn about the kinds of disclaimers the furniture removal company offers in order to ease your mind (or help your decision) about the professionals you’re hiring. By clearing a path, you are also offering a courtesy to the movers and allowing them to work faster. The benefits are for the company as well as yourself.

Wrangle Children and Pets

Furniture truckRedecorating isn’t just exciting for you but also for the children and pets of your household. In their adorable excitement, they have the potential to get in the way of the Perth furniture removal company that’s handling your furniture and they can possibly get hurt. Prevent this kind of injury to children, pets, and the professionals from the removal company by wrangling children and pets someplace far away from all the moving around. Take them for a fun day out, to the park, or even just out in the backyard, weather permitting. Make a day of it and let the excitement extend to them as you build a new space for everyone.

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