What Matters In You First Car – Survey Approach

First CarI did an in-depth research on Google before, what are the things that you should consider before buying your first car. Of course, there is a lot of results, and I would say, they are good. However, one thing is noticeable, even though there are similarities, we can safely assume that some tips are somewhat contradicting. Now, this kind of result are not right; you are not sure which you should follow since usually, the person who does this sort of searching on Google are those people that do not have any car knowledge.

Survey DesignSurvey

After seeing that the internet provide different results, I went ahead and decided to develop a research of my own. And this time, I will be doing a survey with a hundred people with sufficient experience regarding the first car. I went to the local car shows, car events. I also surfed the web for online car forums to gather respondents until I was able to reach my goal of 100 respondents. The questionnaire I provided to them discussed the problem they experience with their first car and if there is something that they could’ve done or prioritized during their first buy, what would that be. The result is something educational.

Survey Results

Out of the 100 people who participated, 32 got a brand new car for their first car, while the rest is of course used or secondhand. What is interesting is that when they are asked the question if they are satisfied with their first car, though we know the word satisfied is subjective, 22 of the people who got a brand new first car responded yes. That is 68.75 percent as compared to the 77.9 percent of individuals who are satisfied with their first car that is not brand new, 53 of them answered yes out of 68 participants. So what could this mean? Well, at least it is telling us that buying a secondhand car is a viable option and could make you more satisfied in some situation as long as you know what you are doing.

Car WashMaintenance and enough research.

Regarding the second question, which discusses what they could’ve done or prioritized, this issue was provided regardless of their answer to the first question. The participants can only provide one answer, so this one is a little bit tricky. There is a lot of answer of course, but we tried to categorize them so that we could present you some data. What we found out is that 48 of them regretted that they did not do enough research regarding maintenance. That is a lot. The reasons that they regret this part is due to their car broke down sooner than expected and others complained that they could not resell their first car with a good price anymore. This 48 percent data is excellent, something that everyone can use.

Choosing a car is based on what you will need it for.

Another 35 individuals provided an answer that they think they bought the wrong car. For them, they didn’t choose well enough. A superb data, this tell us to pick our car well, and I do not think that this only applies to your first car, this applies every time you’re buying a car. Think about what you need the car for before choosing a model. Is this car for outings? You might need a lot of room. Is this for city driving? Be aware of the traffic and parking problems.

Car Repair

The remaining 17 participants got some answer that was difficult to categorize, like; they should not have let their borrow their on that Saturday night, stuff like that and I don’t think it would help us to categorize them, we already got what we need.


Though this research is relatively simple, we’re planning to do formal studies in the future with the help of statistics people; I do think that we learned a lot. Well, if you’ll just hang on, our article regarding this formal statistic research and survey will be done soon, and we’ll have it posted here as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.

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